Overview of mHealth Management & Rescue System

This mHealth Management & Rescue System was developed by IVT with many world-leading technologies, covering the entire pre-hospital rescue process.

This system includes the following:

  • ●   The portable wireless medical devices which collect vital sign data consist of a 12-lead ECG monitor, a blood pressure meter, a glucose, a pulse oximeter, a blood gas analyzer and a cardiac troponin meter. They are very small, low power and easy to carry.
  • ●  The transmission device is a medical tablet PC embedded with Bluetooth, 3G and satellite communication technologies. It can collect patients' vital sign data from portable wireless medical devices by using Bluetooth and further transmit vital sign data via 3G network or satellite to the on-line E-Health Record on the IVT mHealth Management & Rescue Cloud Platform.
  • ●  The Ambulance Tracking System in the Monitoring Centre collects locations of ambulances from GPS vehicle navigation system equipped in ambulances. It can help to choose the best route to return to the hospital and calculate the time needed to return. It also shows the vital sign data of a patient in the ambulance.
  • ●  The Real-time Image Transmission System in ambulances can be used to monitor the whole rescue process in the Monitoring Centre.
  • ●  The Rescue Supporting System which coordinates all departments of a hospital, notifies related departments in a hospital by sending short messages to prepare for the arrival of patients, and records time-related parameters at key moments during the rescue process. It can improve the communication and efficiency within the hospital.
  • IVT mHealth system has three major use cases: Remote ICU, Mobile ICU and VIP Patient Remote Monitoring. In the case of remote ICU, doctors in community medical service centers or regional hospitals send vital sign data to the central hospital for support during the rescue process. While a patient is on the way to the central hospital, the vital sign data of the patient in the ambulance is transmitted during the entire transportation process, and is monitored from the Monitor Centre. After the patient is discharged from the hospital, he/she can be monitored without restriction of locations, or limitation of the number of patients to be monitored simultaneously. However, it uses a smart phone as a transmission device.

    2011/03   First Civilian and Military Coordinated Chest Pain Rescue Network in China was Built with IVT mHealth System
      IVT Released mHealth Software for Windows XP/Vista/7
    2010/05   IVT Released mHealth Software for Windows Mobile and Android
    2010/01   Chinese Vice Premier, Mr. Zhang Dejiang, Tried IVT Mobile Health System
    2010/01   IVT, One of the Top 5 Technology Companies from China Silicon Valley, Announced its Mobile Health System at CES 2010
    2009/09   IVT Announced Mobile Health Services in China


  • ●  Real-time data transmission of 12-lead ECG
  • ●  Ambulance Tracking System  
  • ●  Real-time Image Transmission System
  • ●  Rescue Supporting System
  • ●  Hospitals
  • ●  Emergency Centers
  • ●  Militaries

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