IVT i40e Development Kits (i40e-dk)

Bluetooth Version: 2.1+EDR

Bluetooth Module: IVT i40e

IVT classic Bluetooth 2.1 module i40e development kit (i40e-dk) provides a complete environment set to evaluate Bluetooth wireless technology, enables prototyping of your solutions and eases the complete development of your wireless products. i40e-dk is provided with an evaluation board, an IVT classic Bluetooth 2.1 module i40e , and demo software.

    Key Features:

● Allow hardware secondary development.

● Ready for prototype.

● BlueSoleil firmware provided with up to 14 Bluetooth profiles demonstration.

    Hardware Features:

● Size of Development Kits: 97mm(L)*35mm(W)*35mm(H)

● Size of Connector: 62mm(L)*33mm(W)*18mm(H)

● Audio pre-amplifyer, loudspeacker and phone connection.

● All I/O are available through connectors.

● i40e can be totally isolated from the rest of the board by using jumpers.

● Audio coded with line input, microphone input, headphones output and onboard microphones

● USB to UART bridge, USB to SPI bridge, powered by USB, RS232 connector

● User interface with peripherals, including LEDs and toggle switch




PC & Peripherals

Consumer Electronics

Fitness & Sports



Smart Home

To download IVT Bluetooth classic 2.1 module i40e and Bluetooth development kit i40e-dk's documentations, PC utility tools, test reports, and certifications , please login IVT Support Center or create an account to access IVT Support Center.

To purchase i40e-dk, please visit our e-commerce website: IVT i40e Development Kit.

Please contact us at embedded@ivtcorporation.com for any queries.

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