IVT Corporation BlueSoleil cPhone, a Superior Mobile Business Tool


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IVT Corporation BlueSoleil has been working to gradually improve cPhone to realize convenient interaction between PC and cell phone and make it a superior mobile business tool. We aim to make it an Excellent and Most Usable Cell Phone Wireless Management Expert. In 2006 IVT Corporation BlueSoleil began to develop cPhoneTool and a rudiment was formed; in 2008 we formally published cPhoneTool while in 2010 we formally published cPhoneTool 2; in 2010 we began to develop cPhone and in the end of 2010 we formally published cPhone Beta; we plan to publish cPhone based on cPhoneTool, cPhoneTool 2 and cPhone Beta in the end of 2012.

BlueSoleil cPhone manages contacts/texts/files/programs of cell phone on PC, saves time and effort, is user-friendly and supports multiple connections including Bluetooth/Wi-Fi wireless connection and USB connection according to the kind of cell phone (3 connections for Android: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB; USB connection for Windows Mobile (Active Sync required); Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections for Feature Phones such as Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. Currently it is only BlueSoleil cPhone that supports Bluetooth connection. BlueSoleil cPhone supports current popular operating systems, running normally under 32 bits and 64 bits Windows XP/Vista/7/8, manages contacts and SMS easily, viewing, creating, editing or deleting contacts, recovering contacts with one key and calling contacts from PC directly//viewing, deleting or emptying SMS, keeping backup of SMS with one key and calling senders from PC directly. Besides, BlueSoleil cPhone provides the latest industrial news and various hot ad space to achieve a win-win with app developers.

With BlueSoleil cPhone, you just need one key to switch systems and connections, you can enjoy bigger screen and huge storage space, and you can input at a faster speed. By means of cPhone, your cell phone is just like a PC remote controller, automatically locking/unlocking PC according to the distance set between cell phone and PC, keeping the storage data of PC safe and supporting double screen lock. BlueSoleil cPhone enables you to share recourses between PC and cell phone, viewing the files in cell phone, transferring the files between PC and cell phone in two ways and creating, deleting or copying files of cell phone.

BlueSoleil has implemented functions of cPhone under Android 4.0 and the version supporting Android 4.0 has been published. It won’t take long for us to experience such cPhone’s new functions as supporting Windows Phone to connect through Bluetooth & Wi-Fi, managing contacts and SMS of iPhone (iTunes required), custom-tailoring editions for OEMs and supporting P2P download.

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