IVT BlueSoleil i163 integrated into InKaNet


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Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) launched InKaNet, the 3G Intelligent Network Travel System. It is an infortainment platform and a typical application of Telematics designed in association with mobile telecommunications operator, China Unicom, and the mapping vendor, AutoNavi. InkaNet is first deployed as an optional extra on newly-launched Roewe 350.

Telematics is the convergence of wireless data communications with vehicles equipped with embedded communication devices and some form of back-office management system, which processes the information sent to and from the embedded device in the mobile vehicle. Telematics systems utilises Bluetooth to manage remote assets such as vehicles, equipment and personnel. The systems can also monitor automotive navigation systems, driver behavior, engine statistics, provides safety and security measures, and traffic and road conditions.

InKaNet utilises BlueSoleil Car Audio Turn-key Solution, a complete audio product package for Automotive product, including car kits, car DVD, In-vehicle infotainment (IVI), Telematics, Personal Navigation Devices (PND) and car accessories. It features with classic Bluetooth 2.1 modules or Bluetooth low energy modules and BlueSoleil firmware or BlueSoleil SDK. InKaNet utilises IVT classic Bluetooth 2.1 module i163, an alternative chip-on-board, solution to i183 and BlueSoleil SDK. Since i163 is not a System-On-Chip(SOC) solution, IVT Bluetooth stack BlueLet fully runs in host-processor interfacing the module using Host Command Interface. BlueSoleil SDK encapsulates Bluetooth stack interfaces, so developers can utilise application-level APIs without concerning the complexity of Bluetooth protocol stack and profiles. IVT Bluetooth Stack BlueLet is the first released commercial Bluetooth host stack in the world. BlueLet supports various desktop and embedded systems, and it is the de facto standard for interoperability in the industry. InKaNet is the first deployment of the Android open source software platform in an automobile. Due to a better interoperability, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn, IVT Bluetooth stack has become an alternative to official Linux Bluetooth protocol stack BlueZ.

IVT has a high level of expertise in Automotive Bluetooth-equipped products and we are improving our solutions to enhance driving experience. Drivers expect to carry a wealth of wirelessly enabled lifestyle applications wherever they go, including in the car. Delivered with convenience features such as hands-free calling and voice command, Telematics expands the in-vehicle experience to include a variety of features and services that will keep drivers focused on driving. For example, Telematics helps drivers maintain focus by using Bluetooth-equipped mobile phones for hands-free calling and texting. Telematics also includes other features to manage in-vehicle connectivity, such as one-touch speed dial, roadside or vehicle assistance.

NOTE: IVT classic Bluetooth 2.1 module i163 has been replaced by other two newly launched classic Bluetooth 2.1 modules i130e and i30e. Please contact us at embedded@ivtcorporation.com for solutions.

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