BlueSoleil 10 comes with BlueSoleil cPhone FREE for its owners!



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We hereby introduce a new BlueSoleil version—BlueSoleil 10 to you and we present you with cPhone-- Cell Phone Wireless Management Expert.

BlueSoleil 10 has optimized performance based on previous basic versions and included New Features such as:

-- Being Windows 8 compatible

-- Supporting Bluetooth 4.0 (profiles such as Find Me, Proximity, Health Thermometer, Heart Rate, HID OVER GATT)

-- Supporting dual mode dongles

-- Having enhanced sound quality of A2DP and SCO

-- Having improved performance of Multi-Profiles

When you own BlueSoleil 10, it means a gift—cPhone to you at the same time. BlueSoleil cPhone, mobile phone data management software, will facilitate your management of contacts, messages, various files and application programs in your mobile phone from PC, such as phoning, data backup, file transmission, application installation and so on.

As it is, after you own BlueSolei 10, you have the right to possess all the successive BlueSoleil latest versions FREELY AND PERMANANTLY in the future.

(Polite notice: BlueSoleil 6 owners and BlueSoleil 8 owners are eligible to upgrade to BlueSoleil 10 and successive latest versions FREELY. BlueSoleil 5 owners and BlueSoleil 7 owners are eligible to upgrade to BlueSoleil 9 and latest BlueSoleil 9 serial versions FREELY.)