DeVilbiss SmartLink II Module Released


The DeVilbiss SmartLink II Module is an optional accessory to DeVilbiss CPAP devices. This SmartLink II device was supplied by the homecare provider as part of overall positive airway pressure therapy for obstructive sleep apnea(OSA). SmartLink II is a helpful tool for patient’s physician and/or homecare provider because it allows them to see the effectiveness of the therapy and how frequently and consistently people use the device.

The information SmartLink II collects helps bring to light potential problems or challenges patients are facing that patients’ clinician might be able to help them with in getting used to therapy.

SmartLink II is an advanced technology module that works together with the CPAP(Continuous Positive Airway Presssure) device.

The system is unique in healthcare because many times a clinician will prescribe a therapy and send patient home with it and never really know how effective it is. SmartLink II is a great benefit to patient because it helps their clinician keep track of what’s going on with patient’s condition without them having to make extra trips to the clinician’s office.

SmartLink II integrates IVT BlueSoleil i40e. It has been listed on to Bluetooth SIG official website. Its QDID: B019398. For more information, please access: