Bluetooth Smart is creating endless possibilities for the smart home both in energy management and home automation. Users can connect all home appliances and devices so that users can easily communicate with and control them. With a phone, tablet, or laptop in hand, homeowners can control the lights, temperature, household appliances, window and door locks and security systems in their home. Users can even control home appliances by voice command.

In addition, Smart home devices can help homeowners save money and use less energy. Smart meters can send real-time information about energy consumption directly to homeowners, helping them conserve energy and save on their utility bills. For instance, homeowners can use their smart phone to monitor and adjust heat and air conditioning

Adding Bluetooth technology into home appliances makes life easier and smarter. For instance, users can remotely change the channel from smart phone or remote controller without directly pointing to TV. Smart TV can wirelessly connect to high-quality sound bar.

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