If you've ever exercised with headphones on, then you know the associated annoyance of tangled wires. No more. Wireless headphones are just one of many ways that Bluetooth Smart technology is changing the way we work out. Today, Bluetooth is leading the pack across the sports and fitness field.

Athletes – amateurs and professionals – are eager to improve fitness results. Bluetooth wireless technology makes it possible to get accurate feedback and a clear record of training efforts.

Once an athlete understands how the body functions during workouts, then adjustments can be made to improve the next workout. Heart rate monitors, watches, sleep monitors, foot pods, GPS locators and pedometers are just a few of the sensor-type devices helping athletes get better results. Small sensors in these devices track aspects of athletic performance such as steps, distance, pace, heart rate, and calories burned, and communicate that information securely and efficiently to consumer-friendly mobile apps.

Sensors can also be integrated into tennis racket, golf club, bike monitor and other sport equipment to keep the record of every moment.

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