Since The Bluetooth SIG has developed specifications that define how to use streaming audio over a Bluetooth audio data connection channel, it opens up Bluetooth technology to a whole new class of audio devices, such as wireless stereo headsets and speakers. For instance, users can pair their smart phone with car audio system to download music and listen while drive. Runners can wirelessly listen and enjoy favorite music that are downloaded from their smart phones.By taking advantage of Bluetooth technologies, audio has never been so simple, so elegant, so fun, so engaging, so dramatic.

IVT Bluetooth Audio solution supports CSR aptX™ codec that targets at the high-end stereo market. IVT also supports TWS(True Wireless Stereo). Once the left and right receiver are powered on and paired them with the smartphone, users can enjoy stereo sound from two separate speakers at the same time to enjoy stereo audio. For instance, users can also use the two separate speakers to bring audio to different areas a large room or outdoor space.

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