BlueSoleil ecosystem provides fast and cost-efficient methods to rapidly integrate Bluetooth into products in order to establish stable Bluetooth communication systems. Read More


BlueSoleil has integrated into a variety of applications. We have many successful stories in the past. We are hoping to help you to utilise Bluetooth technologies to design new products. Read More


IVT provides technical materials and integration support to ensure that our customers will have a fast and cost-efficient Bluetooth integration experience. Please visit our support center. Read More


IVT Corporation constantly offers cutting-edge products since 1999 when it released the first Bluetooth stack in the world. IVT is organically growing: it owns Bluetooth host stack and profiles source code for Bluetooth v4.0 Low Energy, BlueSoleil products (, including BlueSoleil for desktops, BlueSoleil SDK, Bluetooth modules and development kits. , and mobile health management & rescue systems